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IELTS Test Tips

Balvir is a student who has just fared well in his 12th class exams in commerce stream. Just like an ambitious student, he now wants to further pursue his studies abroad. And, just like 1, 72,600 Indian students who came here last year, Canada is his first choice. The only thing left now is IELTS. This is where things start to become difficult for him. English is not one of his strengths, and he is starting to see your dreams get shattered.

If the story of Balvir seems relatable, this blog is just for you. In this post, we are going to talk about a few basic tips that helped Balvir get the golden score of 6 Bands (in every module) in a matter of days. Now, he has received a Canada Study Visa successfully and is all set to take up his classes in Canada for September 2019 intake.

Let’s take a look at those tips that helped him, and that can help you fight the fear of IELTS:

  1. Know the TEST

English is not tough. If you have fared well in your exam, you know English well. But the problem is that IELTS is not just about knowing English. It is about knowing what to write, speak and answer and where. In short, IELTS is a game of knowing the do’s and don’ts. This is the reason that knowing the test FORMAT is the most crucial part.

You need to make yourself well-versed with the IELTS test format. (There are two different types of IELTS: General and Academic; as we are talking about students here, so we will be discussing IELTS Academic here)

The earlier you become familiar with the format, better are your chances of cracking 6+ bands in every module.

  1. Make TIME your best friend

Once you are familiar with the test format, the next important thing is to manage your time during the exam. Don’t forget – in every module (except Writing) you are going to have 60 minutes to answer 40 questions of which you need to have 30+ correct answers to get 7 or more bands. Therefore, you cannot afford to waste time!

You need to find ways to maximize your efficiency – start using a timer when practicing. This will help you develop a habit of being the master of your time.

  1. PRACTICE is going to make your perfect

The third important aspect of scoring well in the IELTS exam is practice. Your first resource for practicing is going to be the study material that you are going to get when you fill the exam. If you are unsure whether to fill the exam or not until you become confident for cracking it, do it as soon as you decide to study abroad. Don’t wait.

Once you know that you are bound by the deadline (the date of the exam), you are going to give your best under pressure! Apart from the study material, you can find plenty of online practice courses that you can benefit from.

  1. Pay attention to EVERY MODULE

Not every student can be good in every subject – right? As a student, we all have our favorite subject. But when it comes to IELTS, you don’t really have a choice to select a favorite module. You cannot just get 9 bands in one and get 5 or 5.5 in all the others. You have to perform well in every module in order to be considered successful for your study visa profile.

Therefore, pay equal attention to learning the tips and tricks for every module separately (check out our series of Blogs on different modules of IELTS for more). Devote time to every module, and pay extra attention to the one that seems to be your weakest. But, never skip one module thinking that it is your strongest. Don’t forget, overconfidence can turn out to be your biggest enemy in this case.

  1. Know your MISTAKES

Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. This is exactly what you need to follow when it comes to practicing for IELTS. You don’t just have to focus on doing things right, but also eliminate the silly mistakes that first-time test seekers always make.

Not complying with the rules, forgetting the format, or writing more than what was required – these are some of the most common mistakes that can kill your IELTS score. The key to succeeding in IELTS is to know your mistakes and learn how to avoid them as quickly as possible (before you take the final test).

This was all about some effective tips that every first-time IELTS exam seeker can benefit from. Don’t worry, if you are scared of the English language. You are not the only one – there are thousands of others just like you. It is only with sincere practice and constant guidance that you can come out strong and score the desired bands in IELTS to study in Canada or wherever you prefer!

So, instead of focusing on ‘I CAN’T’, set your eyes on ‘I CAN’.

All the best!