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Biometrics for Canada Visa – these have been the buzzwords in the immigration market off lately. On December 31, 2018, Canada announced its expansion of biometric collection program to Asia, Asia-Pacific and the Americas on December 31. What this meant was that people applying to immigrate to the country will now have to get their biometrics done in order to obtain a successful visa. The expansion has received a mixed response, with many people questioning the decision.

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In today’s post, we will be talking about 5 questions about the Biometric Collection Program that you need to know. So, without wasting any time let us straight away get to the point:

I am applying for a visitor visa. Do I need to give biometrics?

The answer is yes. Whether you are applying for a Visitor Visa, Study in Canada, Work Visa, Permanent Residence or asylum/refugee status, you now need to give your biometrics. Earlier, in July 2018 Canada made it compulsory for residents from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa moving here to give biometrics. From December 31 this rule is now applicable to people emigrating from Asia, Asia Pacific and the Americas regions.

But, wait – not everyone needs to give Biometrics. There are certain exceptions made by the Canadian authorities.

How much do I need to pay for Biometrics?

The fee structure for Biometrics depends upon the status of the person applying for a visa. Mentioned below is the general fee which applicants have to pay for their biometrics:

  • For individual applicant – CAD $85
  • For families (only if applying at the same time): Total fee of CAD $170 (Maximum)
  • Performing Artists and their staff (Groups of 3 or more applying at the same time): Total fee of $CAD 255 (Maximum)

How do I give my Biometrics?

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As the first step in the process, you need to fill the fee for biometrics online based on your application type. Once you make the payment, you will receive an instruction letter (received within 24-hours), which you need to bring along with your passport to the center you have chosen for biometrics.

Are there any special centers for Biometrics?

In order to give the biometrics exam, you need to go to a Visa Application Center. These centers are available in all countries. You can click here to find the VACs in India and apply for biometrics online.

Do I need to give biometrics every time I intend to visit Canada?

No, you don’t. You only have to give biometrics once every 10 years.

This was our list of FAQs that we have been hearing quite often from the students since the start of biometrics for Canada Visa. However, if you have any more questions do let us know in the comments section and we will be more than happy to answer those.

Still confused? Have any doubts about Biometrics for Canada visa? Contact us to know more.

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