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“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you are today.” – Tim Fargo

Life is a journey, and education is the ticket to carry out this journey. The major factor that plays a role in how comfortable this journey is going to be is the quality of education you get. This is where getting global education comes into the picture. And, Canada tops the list of countries which are a hot favorite for international students. For years, study in Canada has been the number one choice for students from all over the world. And it continues to be so even today.

Amidst all the people saying that Canada is too crowded for students, and blah blah, there are still plenty of reasons for you to choose this country over others. So, let me shed some light on those reasons:

1. Quality Of Education

Study in Canada

In a Global Survey, Canada emerged as the education superpower, leaving the likes of the US and other popular destinations behind. This paints a clear picture of the stature of the country in terms of education. Canada is home to some of the oldest and highly prestigious institutions in the country.

2. Scholarship Opportunities

Another great thing about the Canadian education system is that it offers plenty of scholarship opportunities. These scholarships are offered at UG, PG as well as Doctorate levels. So no matter the level of study if you have proven your mettle in academics you can easily avail these scholarships.

3. Exciting Campus Life

Exciting campus life

The third thing which makes Canada a great place to study for international students is the exciting campus life. Canadian education thrives on overall development of students. Hence, there are plenty of activities happening in the campus from time to time. As a student, you can develop not just your academic aptitude but interpersonal skills as well.

4. Work + Study

International students in Canada have the option to work while study. Canadian government allows a maximum of 20 hours per week of legal working time while you study. Most of the institutions are equipped with the option of PGWP. So, the students don’t have to face any difficulty in getting employment while they begin their study.

5. Easy PR process

The best thing about studying in Canada is that the Government here supports immigrants. The country has one of the easiest PR processes in the world. Completing Canadian education makes sure that you have the desired number of points needed to apply for a Canadian PR. As a student if you are keen to settle down in the country then completing a degree here is just the perfect thing you need to do.

6. One Of The Best Countries To Live

Canada has been constantly ranked amongst the happiest countries in the world. With beautiful scenic beauty, all the technology, and welcoming people, the country is surely going to be a wonderful place to stay for anyone and everyone.

All these reasons clearly put Canada’s case as one of the best places to study abroad.

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