Study In Australia

There are 62000+ Indian Students enrolled for higher education in Australian Universities / Colleges. According to Australian Financial Review the number saw a rise by 17% in 2018.

Keeping the cricketing rivalry aside, Australia has emerged as the favorite destination for Indian students. With environmental conditions similar to India, a welcoming & warm culture, and best quality education, Study in Australia has become the top choice for Indian students. Not just for Indian students, Australia currently ranks third on the list of countries for international students.

Why Australia?

Study in Australia

“The approach that the Australian government has to education is similar to what Switzerland has to tourism.” – Narayan Ramaswamy

If you are looking for the best education opportunities, Australia is just the perfect destination for you. Here are some of the reasons that make it so:

  • Flexible course options

Australian courses are designed according to global standards. As a student, you have the flexibility to choose a major and study the subject as per your interest. The list of courses and options is virtually endless!

  • Amazing Pathway programs

Institutions offer pathway programs to ensure that students with a slightly weaker profile can get an opportunity to study in Australia. The student can complete the first year of study in college and then move to University for the second and third year of course.

  • Globally recognized degrees

Graduates from Australian universities /colleges are most sought after in the global market owing to the great reputation of Australian education. The credit to this goes to the Australian Government that pays close attention to maintaining strictly high standards in education.

  • Most Livable Cities

Study in Australia

Australia is home to some of the most livable cities in the world. Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide have constantly been ranked among the best cities to live in the world. So, as a student, you get the opportunity to not only study in the best universities but also to live in the best cities in the world as well!

  • Government support and scholarships

The Australian government is highly supportive of international students. With regulations like mandatory OSHC and more, students support in Australia is the best in the world. Moreover, deserving students can also expect to get some great scholarship opportunities as well!

Why HSA Visa World?

At HSA Visa World we are here to guide you through each and every step of the visa application process.

After a preliminary assessment, we provide you with the list of colleges/universities and institutions where you can apply. After selection of the institution and course, leave it all to us.

Once you choose to apply for a particular course in an institution of your choice, the student documents are shared with the education provider for further processing. From filling of GTE questionnaire to preparing and SOP and processing the file, our expert processing team takes care of everything.

100% success rate

We are one of the few service providers in the region with 100% success rate for Australia study visa cases. Being experts in this, we make it a point that your application is shared only to the institutions which are most relevant to your profile, so the chances of acceptance are always the maximum!

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