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Do you aspire to study in Canada? Well, there’s big news for you!

GIC for Canada is going to be increased from CAD $10,000 to CAD $20000. – Sources

How true is it?

As per the news that has been floating around, this information is 100% true. There has been no official confirmation on the CIC website so far. However, there has been news that from April 1, CIC is going to implement these new rules.

As a matter of fact, Scotiabank and ICICI bank sources have confirmed that they have been informed by IRCC that from 1st of April 2019 the revised GIC amount will be CAD $20,000.

What would this mean to students from India?

It has not been long that IRCC had come up with the SDS (Student Direct Stream) and Non-SDS application category. Moreover, it has also come up with the new Biometric Rule for immigrants visiting Canada. According to this rule, a student must meet the following requirements to come under SDS Category –

  • Admission to a full-time program (admission must be in a publicly-funded post-secondary institution that could be a university, college, institute or CEGEP)
  • A minimum IELTS score of 6 in every module
  • GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) from Nova Scotia Bank or ICICI of CAD$10,000 to cover 1ST year living expenses in Canada
  • Proof of 1-year tuition fee payment
  • Upfront medical examination (carried out at least one week before application submission)

However, the new rule will come into effect from April 1 as per the news. According to this new rule, now the student must pay a GIC fee of CAD$20000. As a result of this, the expenses for study in Canada are going to become almost double.

Hurry up!

Study in Canada - GIC increased to CAD $20000

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