Study in Canada

A home away from home – this is generally a phrase used to describe Canada to someone going there to study. While the living conditions are definitely a lot different than India, the number of Indian natives residing in Canada makes it a homely place for Indian students.

There are more than a million Indians living in Canada. There is no wonder it is the hottest choice to study abroad for Indian students. Moreover, the country’s easy PR rules for international students make it an even more enticing choice – attracting thousands of students every year.

Why Canada?

Why study in Canada is the best option for you?

‘Canada is a country that was built by immigration.’ Justin Trudeau

When the Prime Minister of a country is seen making such statements, you can expect the country’s people to be warm and welcoming. If that’s not enough, here are a few more reasons that make Canada the perfect choice for Indian international students:

  • Easy immigration process

For work permit and permanent residency, Canada has the easiest immigration process. This is the reason why it has seen such a massive surge in the number of study visa applications in recent times.

  • World’s Top Universities

Canada is home to some of the oldest and the most widely recognized universities and colleges in the world. You can expect to get almost all type of courses in these institutions, which are designed to make the students excel in their career.

  • Warm and welcoming culture

Canadian colleges are known to be warm and welcoming to international students. The country ranks constantly amongst the top nations in terms of the happiness index. If you want to become a part of one of the happiest countries in the world, you must choose to study in Canada.

  • Safe country

Study in Canada is safe and of highest quality

Not only a happy, but Canada is among the safest countries in the world. Hence, safety is never going to be a concern for you as an international student. You can expect a high-quality lifestyle, with great employment opportunities in this safe country.

  • Great work opportunities

Study here, work here, live here and have a good life ahead! Canada welcomes foreign nationals to come and work here. And, if you have completed your education in Canada, chances of you getting some amazing work opportunities are through the roof.

Why HSA Visa World?

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