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Durham College has following options for Sep 2019 Intake.

Diploma/Advanced Diploma Programs

  • Animation Digital Production
  • Architecture Technology
  • Biomedical Engineering Technology (BMTY)
  • Bus Admin-supply Chain and Operations Management (BSOM)
  • Business- Supply Chain and Operations (SCOP)
  • Business- Supply Chain and Operations UOIT (SCTU)
  • Business Accounting (ACCT)
  • Business Administration- Accounting (BACT)
  • Human resource
  • Pharmaceutical Adv. Diploma
  • Culinary Management
  • Contemporary Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Electronics Engineering Technology (ELTY)
  • Interactive Media Design
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician/Technology
  • Public Relation (PUBL)
  • Power Engineering Techniques- Fourth Class (PETN)
  • Sport Administration/ Sport Management (SPAD)
  • Video Production (VIPR)

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