Study in New Zealand

“There’s real purity in New Zealand… It’s actually not an easy thing to find in our world anymore.” Elijah Wood

2018 saw a 28% increase in the number of Indian students enrolling for study in New Zealand universities. This figure is a reflection of the popularity this country has gained within the Indian student community. Right from the standard of education to peaceful living conditions, there are more than plenty of reasons behind this rise in popularity.

Why New Zealand?

Wondering why study in New Zealand?

“There is only one word for New Zealand – Epic.” – Bear Grylls

The natural beauty of New Zealand is world renowned. But that’s not the only thing attractive about the country. There is a long list of reasons that make New Zealand one of the more popular choices for international students in today’s time.

Here’s the list:

  • British System Based Education

New Zealand education is based on the oldest and most recognized education system i.e. British. This is the reason that the quality of education in New Zealand ranks right on top in the world. The progressive approach to education is the reason behind the country’s excellent pedagogy.

  • Minimal Entry Requirements

Universities in New Zealand have minimal entry requirements. Hence, it becomes easy for students with moderate grades to come and study here in graduate courses. In fact, it is one of the countries where a gap of up to three years in studies is also acceptable.

  • Quiet and Peaceful Living

Study in New Zealand for a safe and peaceful life

New Zealand is one of the few modern-day countries that are known in the world for their peaceful and quiet living. Being a developed country, you get to experience the latest amenities and all the comforts here. At the same time, it offers the charm of peace and serenity, making it a great country with a beautiful environment for international students.

  • Affordable living

The biggest benefit of studying in New Zealand is that all the above-mentioned benefits come at a much lesser price than countries like Australia, USA, and the UK. From living to food to accommodation, everything available at a moderate price! So, living here is fun and easy on the pocket at the same time.

  • Work To Support Your Studies

Like all the other modern-world countries, international students in New Zealand are allowed to work for a total of 20-hours part-time per week during studies. While during breaks and holidays, you can work full-time to support your studies. So, you can recover a big chunk of your study costs and living expenses.

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