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Saskatchewan Polytechnic College has following options for Sep 2019 intake. All programs listed are First Qualified/First Admitted

Campus – Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Prince Albert

Programs Available

Building Systems Technician – Regina
Business Diploma (Accountancy/ Human Resources/ Marketing/ Management) – Moose Jaw
Business Diploma (Marketing) – Prince Albert
Business Information Systems – Moose Jaw and Regina
Electronic Systems Engineering Technology – Saskatoon
Environmental Engineering Technology – Moose Jaw
Geographic Information Systems for Resource Management – Prince Albert
Geomatics & Surveying Technology  – Moose Jaw
Graphic Communications – Regina
Heavy Equipment Truck & Transport Technician – Saskatoon
Industrial Mechanics – Prince Albert, Saskatoon
Innovative Manufacturing – Regina
Integrated Resource Management – Prince Albert
Interactive Design & Technology – Regina, Saskatoon
Machinist – Saskatoon
Media Production – Saskatoon
Mining Engineering Technology – Saskatoon
Office Administration – Prince Albert, Regina
Parts Management Technician – Saskatoon
Recreation & Community Development – Saskatoon
Resource & Environmental Law – Prince Albert
Early Childhood Education – Prince Albert
Telecommunications Networking Technician – Regina

Post Graduate Certificate

Business Accountancy (Post-graduate certificate) – Moose Jaw
Software Developer (Post graduate certificate) – Saskatoon

Jan 2020 Intake Options

Automotive Service Technician / Moose Jaw
Auto Body Technician / Regina/Saskatoon
Business Diploma – Moose Jaw
Financial Services
Human Resources
Business Diploma- Management/Prince Albert
Business Management/Moose Jaw
Commercial Pilot/Saskatoon
Continuing Care Assistant/Prince Albert
Office Administration/ Prince Albert
Supply Chain Management/Moose Jaw
Technology Management/ Moose Jaw

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