Work and earn abroad!

A whole new world of opportunities is waiting for your career in the outside world. HSA Visa World is the doorway that can guide you to reach there. We are a licensed immigration consultant that can help you get work permit for Canada so that you can live your dream. Get all the guidance – from file preparation to work abroad opportunities and lot more with our seasoned counselors.

Want to work abroad?

Don’t let your dream life get crushed. Get work permit for Canada and start your flight to a life you always wanted. Here at HSA Visa World, we provide genuine and accurate guidance for work permit. Here’s how we do it –


Get your documents evaluated to see the best possible opportunities available for you for working abroad.

Profile assessment

Based on various factors like education, work history, financial background and more, our counselors will perform a profile assessment for you. Once that is done, you will have a clear picture of the possibility of a successful work permit.

Documentation and Processing

After the assessment is done, we will begin processing the documents and lodge your file.

And, that’s about it!

Get the right assistance

Getting the right assistance is imperative when it comes to applying for work permit abroad. Without guidance, you can easily end up wasting your precious time and money. Being a licensed immigration consultant, HSA Visa World can prove to be the guiding light to successfully fulfill your work abroad aspirations.

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